⚠️ gun stores are EMPTY-ing

⚠️ gun stores are EMPTY-ing

⚠️ gun stores are EMPTY-ing
Have you been to the gun store lately?

Shelves are empty.

One BIG reason is because people are worried about the proposed gun control legislation...

After all, it could make buying a gun in the future much harder.

So the gun buying frenzy isn’t slowing down.

In fact, the most guns ever sold was during January of 2021 (Same deal in February).

And here are some more interesting stats...

A few particular groups have been buying guns at record numbers:

- Minorities (up 58%)

- Women (up 40%)

- First-time buyers (some estimates show over 7 million in 2020) 

Look, it’s no secret:

People are worried about crime.

This is a matter of fact and trustworthy statistics...

Someday, you might have to defend yourself or your loved ones.

But having a gun is only one of the first steps you need to take! 

In fact, there’s so much more to it...

If you’re wondering what’s next – what you can do to PROTECT your rights, home, loved ones and yourself, you’re not alone.

Let me tell you the answer:

What really makes a difference is having ALL of the resources to be prepared for what happens before, during and after a violent self-defense incident..