I struggle too! Struggling America

I struggle too! Struggling America

I struggle too! Struggling America

My name is Brandon Gibson. I am the founder and developer of the Megalo Technologies. I founded megalo news network, Megalo social, megalo videos and the entire megalo network.

That may sound all great and awesome. Might sound like a huge corporation with a shit ton of money. Truth is even farther from reality than you probably think. 

Last week on linkedin some guy started an argument by calling me a spoiled rich kid living off his daddys money. 

Truth be told. I never knew my father. I knew of him. But i didn't know him. He left when i was 3 years old. My mother is no bargain. 

Were dumped me off at a truck stop when i was 15 because the welfare dried up and i was no longer an asset. 

I now live off $800 a month ssi benefit. I live in a hotel in Branson Missouri. 

I am no different than 90% of America. Im just another poor person trying to get by on no money. I hit the CAM food bank regularly. 

Im not saying all this for sympathy. Im simply showing how am individual who started a social network to compete with google and Facebook is no different than the average American.

I just turned 36 years old. I am insanely agrivated because this pandemic is killing us. Its about to get worse.  

The hotel i live in has 73 rooms. All occupied by people who live on SSI and disability. Paying $650 a month. The building owner is an indian guy who owns 3 of these hotels all within a mile of eachother.

Liberty lodge

Strafford inn

Victorian inn.

These hotels bring in about $47,450 to $50.000 per month each. Thats 150 thousand per month altogether.

The problem with this type of system is they are suffocating the people who have nothing and they continue to take take take until we have nothing left.

I'm not going to release the owner's name due to security of him and it continues to bother me that even though I can barely make the rent as it is. I paid $650 per month and I am only left with $130 left to my name every month.  to live on and they just raised my rent another hundred and $150 so I had to overdraw my bank account in order to keep a roof over my head. 

$75 of that goes to the web hosting for the Megalo social network the other half goes to my phone bill. I literally have to live off of food stamps and a food bank in order to stay afloat each month. so to say that I'm living off of my daddy's money and I'm some spoiled rich kid is not even close to being the truth. I have no money. I have nothing to live on every month and it continues to get worse and the problem with this is it's going to continue to get worse until we the people decide to do something about it. people like them will continue getting rich and people like us will continue getting poor until we stand up to the powers that be. That is the only way we're going to overcome this.

To be honest the only real way we're going to fight this corruption is if we the people come together and take it over. we have to storm Washington and take it over. we have to storm our governments. we have to take over otherwise this will never end and it will never quit. it will continue and continue to Rob us of Our Lives. it's the only scenario where twe the people have an advantage. but if we do that then we are branded as terrorists and arrested for standing up for ourselves. In what world is that right and makes no sense but yet it happens every day. 

The truth is people like Joe Biden have way too much power. corrupt politicians make the laws and the laws don't aid us, they aid them. they aid criminals and politicians who can get away with stealing and killing and yet we have to suffer because we have no power. people say vote vote your vote matters. Vote this person in the office. it doesn't matter who we voted into office. just going to be another corrupt politician at the end of the day. Trump let us all down and Binen is about the fuck us all.  in what world are we allowing this to happen. people are just blindly standing by saying somebody should do something about it. but nobody does because it's not you. you always expect somebody else to do it but you don't want to do it yourself. The way I look at it this world is going to hell and it's taking everyone with it. Unless America unites to take back our country.

Thomas Jefferson states, The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it's natural manure.

Question is are you going to join the fight? Or stand there asking someone other than yourself to do it. 

The time for blood of tyranny has come!!!

Quit suffering and go for the golden spot.