Knife-Wielding Man Attacks Sleeping Woman at Home

Knife-Wielding Man Attacks Sleeping Woman at Home

Knife-Wielding Man Attacks Sleeping Woman at Home
Yesterday, I was thinking about a problem many American gun owners face…

And that’s family or friends not understanding why we would choose to keep weapons in our homes (let alone have them at all).

Now, it saddens me to say this…

But realistically speaking — there are some minds we’ll NEVER be able to change.

It won’t matter how much we talk about proper gun storage, educating our children to respect these tools, the universal firearm safety rules, home-defense plans or our 2nd Amendment rights.

But here’s a jaw-dropping story I read that really hit home with me (check it out below)...

It might be the example that changes the perspective of someone in your life.

After falling asleep in her home, a Detroit woman was suddenly woken at 3:43 AM by noises in her room...

Imagine rubbing your eyes.

You’re tired, disoriented and waiting for the room to come into focus.

It’s dark, but you can clearly see someone who is NOT supposed to be there is leaning over your bed.

Your child is asleep in the other room.

It’s a terrifying scenario and it happened to this woman...

When the unknown stranger saw she was awake, he grabbed the bedside lamp and smashed it over her head. 

Now even more dazed, she asked the man what he wanted.

He pointed at HER.

That’s when the fight really began.

Her attacker stabbed her FOUR times in the chest… 

...and fearing for her life, she pretended to give in.

It was the single most important distraction that allowed her to reach for her stun gun.

She aimed and fired.

When he dropped to the floor, she was finally able to escape and dial 9-1-1.

If you need to take a second to breathe and process this, I understand...

It’s a lot to process. 

But if you want to make sure your family is safe from night-time attackers and home invasions…

You might want to learn more about the 3 phases you MUST be prepared for if you want to be truly ready for a self-defense incident: 
Phase #1 — Preparation (The BEFORE)

Phase #2 — Reaction (The DURING)

Phase #3 — Resolution (The AFTER)